Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One foot out...one foot in.

Lately, I have come across many people who are worried about loved ones who have "one foot in and one foot out". I know...I know, what am I talking about? Well, to me it can mean very different things, mostly one foot in pointing towards GOD(living for him) and one foot out pointing out (living for yourself and for this world). This could be a person who makes sure they show their face church on Sunday but, lives the rest of the week like any other day; or one who "believes in God" but, does just that only believes in him(you do know that Satan believes in God too...sorry just a little humor). These people come to know him...just usually not on our time table.
For me along this journey of pain and grief the last few years I have witnessed a different kind of "one foot in...one foot out". I don't want you to think that I am the only one who has experienced grief the last few years, many around me have lost people close to them and have joined me on the "road". But, have handled it very differently, where I grew closer to my "Father", they curse him while at the same time expecting their loved one to be with HIM. I am most worried about people that feel this way.
If you are one that thinks that way...I ask that you just read on for a few more minutes.
When people around us die...we just say that they are in heaven (not going to get into a real discussion about that at this time) but, then some will curse and hate God...the one that they are hoping that their loved one is with. Just think for a second, if I told you that I was going to have your loved one, or your child live with me forever would you not want to know everything about me? If I said that there was a book that would tell you everything about me would you not want to read it?? That this book would answer your questions about me? Would you look me up on Google or ask your friends to see if they knew anything about me?
Am I a good person, am I KIND, do I help others in NEED, am I a good PROTECTOR, a COMFORTER, PROVIDER, HONEST, but most importantly...will I LOVE them?
So, if are hoping that your loved one is with GOD, would you not want to know everything about him? Would you not want to read a book about him to learn all you could...instead of cursing him and hating him?
I am not wanting to hurt anyone or be "churchy" in this entry...more just me working through my thoughts about this...it has been eating at my heart and I have been struggling with it for some time. I am open for assistance or thoughts about it...all comments are welcome. I was just hoping to make people think about things in a different way and investigate about God a little bit. OR...maybe...believe and jump in with both feet...
If you don't have a bible and want to look things up...biblegateway.com
is a great site.


Kelli said...

hey. . . I have never quite thought of the issue of death and hoping or saying or believing your loved one is in heaven and then blaming/cursing God at the same time - I've never thought about it in the way you set it out there - but you are right. One foot out. . one foot in is a good way to describe what you are talking about. And the only thing I can think of is that for some of these people they are needing to work through some real anger or trust or faith issues with God or they don't really know God. Reading your entry made me think of the verse 1 Corinthians 2:14: "The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned."

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this - it's something worth bringing up.

I hope you are all well - tell everyone hi from us!

kdbragg said...

Amazing insights and great Biblical support! Keep these notes coming! We love to hear from your deep, but everyday type thinking.