Monday, February 16, 2009

A tear for the helpless

I was sent this by two people and felt that I needed to share with all of will grab at will cry and rethink how you live your life and how you treat those who can not care for themselves...and if it doesn't change anything within may need to reevaluate who you are and what you hope to be.

We have pondered the thought of adoption for many is even more branded into my heart after this video.
Make sure you are in a place where you can watch the whole will feel like falling to your knees and praying for these two children(and their older sister) and the others that go unnoticed everyday, and suffer in silence.
How God's heart must be breaking also to see his children neglected and suffer such pain...but even through this...he is a always and never failing magnificent God... in all things...glory be to God.
I wish I had some scripture to add to this...but I am thinking that all of the good book applies...right now I am humbled and speachless...hoping and praying God will let me know what I am to do after seeing this video.

This group that helped these little ones has a site called village2village

Dont forget to put a pause on the music below so you can hear the video

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Help with this question.

A good friend and I were having a great DEEP conversation about faith at our local Panera Bread resturant(something about tasty food and conversation at that place-I could stay there for hours and just talk) Though we talked about many things, this was the question that was brought up. Hoping you can all place some input or light on this question....ALL comments are welcome...but don't answer quickly...I think I have changed my thoughts many times the more I think about it. No comment is feel free to voice all thoughts.

ok we go.

If faith is a gift from God that no man should boast...then why were Abraham and the others in the faith chapter commended? was my thought...but like I said...I have changed it many times...
Boasting is you should not boast about yourself and your faith since the faith you have is not your is a gift of GOD. And Abraham, Job, etc were commented because the "showed" their faith...though their life. By trials and suffering...they were not prideful in their faith...they relized that everything comes from him, through him and to him are all things...that the glory of all is HIS.

Any ideas on scripture????

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We often hear the phrase "no two snowflakes are alike".

I love nature...not winter so much, but nature in general. I love to take pictures of things like frosty trees and snowflakes falling(those these pictures never turn out). The other day it started to snow while the sun was out and an almost clear sky...where were the snow flakes coming from? No clouds, no snow right? As my daughter and I got into the car...we were amazed my the HUGE flakes...landing ever so gently on the windows of the car..and with the sun shining could make out every little detail of each flake...(and of course is was so cold so they did not melt right away.)

We were wondering if any looked the same...but as much as we could tell...NO, they were all two were alike.
I believe we are so much like those two are alike. Yes, we all resemble someone...same hair color, same eye color, but no one is exactly alike. With all of the millions and millions of people that have been and are...God still is so amazing and creative that he makes us all individual, separate from the others. I try to remind myself of this as I look in the mirror worrying about this or that...but I am exactly how he created me to be...individual, unique, special...just ME. If he takes the time to create every snowflake individually by his hands...I think I need to rejoice in the hands that

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A reminder

Just a quick reminder to continue to do your self breast exams...heard today of yet one more gal that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I know that the media always does a lot of reminders in October but then we don't hear about again until the next October. Remember you are your best advocate for your body...if you don't think something is right...go get it checked...and if your doctor won't listen to you and your concerns...get another one.

Happy squeezing!