Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We often hear the phrase "no two snowflakes are alike".

I love nature...not winter so much, but nature in general. I love to take pictures of things like frosty trees and snowflakes falling(those these pictures never turn out). The other day it started to snow while the sun was out and an almost clear sky...where were the snow flakes coming from? No clouds, no snow right? As my daughter and I got into the car...we were amazed my the HUGE flakes...landing ever so gently on the windows of the car..and with the sun shining down...you could make out every little detail of each flake...(and of course is was so cold so they did not melt right away.)

We were wondering if any looked the same...but as much as we could tell...NO, they were all different...no two were alike.
I believe we are so much like those snowflakes...no two are alike. Yes, we all resemble someone...same hair color, same eye color, but no one is exactly alike. With all of the millions and millions of people that have been and are...God still is so amazing and creative that he makes us all individual, separate from the others. I try to remind myself of this as I look in the mirror worrying about this or that...but I am exactly how he created me to be...individual, unique, special...just ME. If he takes the time to create every snowflake individually by his hands...I think I need to rejoice in the hands that created...me...

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