Sunday, October 9, 2011 has been forever since I have written anything. Been wanting to all summer but a girl has to work on her tan. Ok, so I am not tan, but life has been crazy here. The other night I was watching "Facing the Giants" (great movie by the way) around midnight(yes...I got sucked in). There are some great lines in that movie that have been heavy on my heart today.
Question One..."why did God make me so small and weak?"
Answer..."to show how MIGHTY HE is!!"
(HUMBLING-vision of me singing that in opera)

Question Two..."If God does not give us a baby, will you still love him"
You will have to watch the movie to get the answer for the characters...but for me, it was not so much, will you still love him if he does not answer your prayer, it has been, will you still love him...when he gives and takes away?

Tough questions, with tough, hard and painful answers...but the answer for me is "YES, I WILL "STILL" LOVE YOU!!!" True love is not shown on the easy days or petty trials, it is when the BIG things hit. BAM! KA-PAW (Me using my ninja moves. Sometimes showing your love and faith is not only for God's Glory, but to also show the evil one who your loyalty and faithfulness is to. I often think of the story of stuff...and God thinking wow...that is my boy, you can do it...stay strong in ME!
That is all I have got for now...until my next up all night movie time.