Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The clam and the pearl

I have a cute story about my daughter and thought I would share...Months ago my daughter and I were having one of our "deep thoughts" conversations. Where questions range from what do lady bugs eat(aphids(sp?)to how many teeth do sharks have(around 3,000)? This time it was about clams. Why did God make clams(Oysters)? They are not beautiful.
I know that I had my hands full with this question. When she says, "oh..oh..I know, it is because you need to have patience to have something beautiful created." Could not have answered that better myself. But, we were not done with our conversation. We went on to talk about how in Gods time(not ours) things show their beauty. Though even when a clam endures the violence of the seas and it is not beautiful to our eyes, God views it as his...and with time and patience, it creates an amazing pearl out of a tiny speck of dirt.

I have to think that we are a lot like clams. We get tossed around in this thing called life. But in Gods time and with his love we will show our true beauty...all for HIS glory. He knows that we are like that beat up clam...that with the dirt that enters our life, it is there to create a fine pearl...but only through Gods mercy, grace and patience. Many times we are broken and filled with shame and sin, but through all that he still created us. Nothing he creates is a mistake. He is truly amazing.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

FIREPROOF -Never leave your partner behind

Never leave your partner behind(said in a deep broadcasters voice)ha..ha...
If you have not seen the movie Fireproof, I encourage you to go. WOW. Who knew Kirk Cameron(sp?-for all you my age..you know, the guy from Growing Pains) could still act. It was a great movie. You will surely have a few laughs...and it has firefighters in it (inside joke for those of you who REALLY know me.) You will laugh, but I am hope that you will also cry and it convicts you to put more effort in your marriage and how you live your live and who you are living your life for. I will not tell you too much of the story line, but it talks about the struggles that most, if not all marriages go through, and how to save your marriage. How to find TRUE love and how to give it.

Our marriage has gone through its ups and downs, but after we lost our children we were determined to not become just a #. The odds of a marriage ending in divorce are very high and then add on the loss of two children and fertility issues were were at something like 250% that we would get divorced(ok so I am exaggerating a little bit) but the odds weren't great that we would stay together.
I wish we would have been able to see this movie years ago. I hope that you all will get a chance to see this great movie...other movies to check out by the same brother team that are the director/writer are Flywheel and Facing the Giants
Here is the website to the movie and resources
To go deaper into the word check out Titus 2 and Ephesians 5:22
If you do not have a bible go to http://www.biblegateway.com/

Monday, September 22, 2008

The church that GOD built

WOW...we had such a busy weekend...it is amazing how God works in my life each and everyday. Our church is adding on and had a huge celebration this weekend. We were allowed to write a verse/scripture on the beams that will support and create the new addition. I started to look up the "perfect" words that were going to be my contribution..ha...
How do you pick the best verse when the whole book(Bible) is the wise and knowing book. It is ALL the "best". As I looked at all of Gods words written down by my brothers and sisters in Christ...I got a little teary. Little kids were also doing their best to make their mark on the big beams...Awsome.
And the verse I picked you asked...Ezra 3:11

With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the LORD: "He is good: his love to Isreal endures forever"
And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A good cry

Last week went to a support group for families who have lost children. If you have never attempted to go to one if you have lost a child, I encourage you to go and see if it is helpful. I have only been to the meetings a few times and only seem to go when I need to go. It is sad to say, but I was comforted to hear the stories of other who have lost children to all sorts of reasons, infant death, cancer, terriable accidents, even murder. No matter how we got there, we share the same thing...GRIEF...what a terriable word. I cried the whole time...I didn't even know where it all came from...but I felt such a bond with these people...we were not alone, we had eachother to talk to, listen and most importanly...to have a good cry with.
We were to go around and talk about what has helped us or comforted us...my first comment was that I looked to my Bible to answer some questions for me while helping me fill myself with Gods love, mercy and grace. The other was to exspect the unexspected...from friends, family, strangers and myself.

Friends who where your friends may no longer choose to do so. Or people you did not even know may become your closest friends. People may say some hurtful things while trying to be kind or loving(give them a break...they are trying)
Also exspect that you could be anywhere when grief strikes you...just hope it is not in the middle of Wal-Mart

Friday, September 5, 2008

A moment with HIM

Today when I was sitting at the computer...these words came to me...and it was a voice telling to start the blog and start writing down my daily thoughs..hope they bring you comfort.

Faith is never tested on bright and sunny days.
It is when the wind bends the trees and the lighting strikes the ground...I look around for protection, but find none…then I feel a presence by my side with a hand on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear…TRUST IN ME …..

Bring it to me…lay it at my feet

I won’t forget you or leave you. Not now… not ever

Then I feel the love of forever. Unlike anything this world can offer. Time is no longer up against my back. Trials will only last for a link of an eye, like a dot in the tapestry that he has made in his GLORY…

Bring it to me…lay it at my feet

I won’t forget you or leave you. Not now not ever

The clouds retreat and the warmth of the sun beats down on me one again. As fast as the sun returns it disappears to the crashing of the storm approaching me, with no where to run I look to you ….

Comforter, Protector, Counselor…Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I feel you here…with the rain piercing my face, and the wind throwing me down into the mud, you lend me a hand and lift me high in your image…I hear the most beautiful music playing through this storm and you once again whisper in my ear.


Bring it to me…lay it at my feet

I won’t forget you or leave you. Not now… not EVER
YES!!! I have been thrown into the computer world by starting a blog. I have wanted to start one for some time to update our lives with friends and family. But I also hope to offer some companionship to other families that have lost a child. The jouney of grief is not a path that I ever would have chosen, but I am on it. A friend at church told me about a great blog Bring the Rain...Check it out...it inspired me to write not only for others who have lost children or loved ones, but for more selfish reasons...so I can track the ups and downs that our loss brings us. Hopefully showing me that I can push on one more day.

If you are wondering about the title for my blog...well...Bring it to HIM

This is the only thing that has gotten me through the last few years. I will often talk about my "FAITH" on my blog...it is the foundation for my everyday life. Bring it to HIM is exactly what it says...if you are struggling with a loss of a job, a broken marriage, grief from a death of a loved one....Bring it to HIM...God will comfort you. Please if you are not a Christian, I ask that you still continue to read and check my blog from time to time...I hope that he will give me the right words to bring to you and offer you comfort and be a testimony to his love, grace and mercy.