Friday, September 5, 2008

YES!!! I have been thrown into the computer world by starting a blog. I have wanted to start one for some time to update our lives with friends and family. But I also hope to offer some companionship to other families that have lost a child. The jouney of grief is not a path that I ever would have chosen, but I am on it. A friend at church told me about a great blog Bring the Rain...Check it inspired me to write not only for others who have lost children or loved ones, but for more selfish I can track the ups and downs that our loss brings us. Hopefully showing me that I can push on one more day.

If you are wondering about the title for my blog...well...Bring it to HIM

This is the only thing that has gotten me through the last few years. I will often talk about my "FAITH" on my is the foundation for my everyday life. Bring it to HIM is exactly what it says...if you are struggling with a loss of a job, a broken marriage, grief from a death of a loved one....Bring it to HIM...God will comfort you. Please if you are not a Christian, I ask that you still continue to read and check my blog from time to time...I hope that he will give me the right words to bring to you and offer you comfort and be a testimony to his love, grace and mercy.

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