Monday, September 15, 2008

A good cry

Last week went to a support group for families who have lost children. If you have never attempted to go to one if you have lost a child, I encourage you to go and see if it is helpful. I have only been to the meetings a few times and only seem to go when I need to go. It is sad to say, but I was comforted to hear the stories of other who have lost children to all sorts of reasons, infant death, cancer, terriable accidents, even murder. No matter how we got there, we share the same thing...GRIEF...what a terriable word. I cried the whole time...I didn't even know where it all came from...but I felt such a bond with these people...we were not alone, we had eachother to talk to, listen and most have a good cry with.
We were to go around and talk about what has helped us or comforted first comment was that I looked to my Bible to answer some questions for me while helping me fill myself with Gods love, mercy and grace. The other was to exspect the unexspected...from friends, family, strangers and myself.

Friends who where your friends may no longer choose to do so. Or people you did not even know may become your closest friends. People may say some hurtful things while trying to be kind or loving(give them a break...they are trying)
Also exspect that you could be anywhere when grief strikes you...just hope it is not in the middle of Wal-Mart

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Kim L. said...

LOVE it!! You amaze me with your openness and honesty. Thank you! I follow "Bring the Rain" too - can't believe we haven't talked about it. Still praying you to Virginia... :-)