Sunday, December 29, 2013

HEY sweet boy, HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!! A year has quickly and yet slowly passed.  You are officially 9 years old.  I can't help but wonder what you would look like, what you fill your day with, well... lets just face it... I wonder about EVERYTHING!!!

 I dream up my own version of the answers to the millions of questions I have about you.  Knowing that they can't even begin to get close to how amazing you are! 
Every birthday...I get flooded with the would have, could have beens...but, stop quickly because my heart can't bear it.  I am so grateful for all you have given me...even from heaven.  You fill me with a love that time and distance can't break apart.  I hope you too feel the overflow of my heart all these years. It is amazing that I love you so much without the physical touch and sight of you that I so desire.  That is how I know GOD is good.  Filling me up with such love despite the absence of you here with me everyday, HIS grace is sweet like honey.

I look back on the precious moments with grateful for them..though few...they are cherished and treasured times.  Remembering your tiny hand, your soft baby skin, and  "your version" of your brother and sisters face.  Cherished!!! 

I pray that you had a special day, being loved on by those that have gone before me.  I pray that GOD has given you a special job in heaven, so that you may serve him daily, basking in his gentle and everlasting presence.  Hearing the songs of praise by all who honor and serve the Father and his SON.   What sweet sounds those must be, can't even imagine!

 SO happy birthday sweet boy, one year closer to eternity with you.  Sending hugs and kisses to the tip of heaven for you.