Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adoption DAY!!!

I have not posted anything until today about this...partly because I wanted it to actually happen before I posted...but, we have adopted 2 children TODAY!

YES, I said 2 and today.
We have been foster parents for sometime...but had not had a placement until January of this year...the children placed in our home had a termination from their parents so we knew that adoption would be an long story short. WE ARE THEIR FOREVER FAMILY!!
I am sure I will post more about it...but I just wanted to share the info, I am about to explode with excitement.
Looking back now...I see GOD's story for me is greater than I could ever imagine for myself...always in HIS timing... giving me a page at a time...and not letting me read to the end. I will share more about this all later but wanted to share the GOOD NEWS.

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Jaclyn said...

That's so exciting! Congrats!