Friday, August 14, 2009

It is funny that something a simple as getting a hair cut can bring up the memory and name of can tell people who have suffered grief before in their life...they ask question after question..without judgement of how you answer.
As I was getting my yearly hair cut(and my guy and gal were being patient;0) the stylist started asking questions about me ...are we done having kids, why so many years between them...and the dreaded question how many do I have. I usually say two. Just seems to make people feel bad when you tell them the whole story. But it was how she she knew something was "up". So I nicely said...well I have been blessed to be pregnant 4 times, but God blessed me even more with the two he let me keep for now. (and I didn't even cry-yeah me) I can't believe he gave me the words. He is great that way. If you are reading this and know of someone who has suffered a loss of any kind, husband, wife, child, parent, friend...please ask them questions about their loved one. I always have a great feeling of love and little glimpse of parenting Elijah when I get to say his name or talk about him, if even for a second.
Hoping to post some pictures of our Colorado trip. I always feel close to God...but something special about praying in the is awesome.

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