Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to heal a broken heart.

As I continue on my journey that God has set before me...I continue to struggle with a broken heart of missing my little ones and yearning for more to add laughter into this already loud and silly house...I have found a few things that have begun to heal my heart. This may sound "bad" but one way to start to heal is to surround yourself with other that are also in pain and need help or assistance in some way. You may gain a lot of comfort and great friendships may blossom from this connection, there truly is ALWAYS someone who is hurting and grieving more than you. But as he reminds me over and over again..."it is not all about you-it is about me and my kingdom".
I have tried to help others in different ways the last few years...just the knowing that someone is being helped from a small action that I all for HIM...I have just decided that as a stranger may benefit from the time or item that I donate...I am truly doing it to honor my KING...he has given me so much.
Last week our church went through Matthew 25:35.... WOW...huge thump on the head for me...God himself could have been standing in front of me saying..."are there limits of what you will do for ME!"
Challenge for the week(or more )do kind acts for those around you or a total will create a ripple affect and others will benefit from one act of kindness...ideas:

Pay for the meal of the person behind you in the drive prepared that they may be getting lunch for the whole office...not that that happened...ha...ha....or drop something off at the food pantry or homeless shelter in your have just need to find it. Or donate school supplies to the local school.

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