Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok, done with that!

Though I will not apologize for yesterday's post...I was speaking what was in my heart and the whole reason I post things is to see my progress in my journey(or in this case regression).
Yesterdays rant and rage is over and done with...My FATHER...sat me down last night and gave me a firm "talking to"...if he was my earthly father, I so would be grounded until the end of summer. He basically told me to get over it...and that I am not God that HE IS...there is no disputing that statement. So as I am still frustrated and burdened by the issue, he knows my heart and hears my cry to him...He helped me see that even though some persons openly express their disbelief and feelings about their "unwanted" child(ren)...they are GOD's first and foremost...and they are wanted...BY HIM.

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Kim L. said...

No apologies necessary - God wants us to really talk to Him. Not the "what sounds good to those around me" kind of prayers, but the open, honest, this is how I feel today praying that brings us closer to Him. He knows our thoughts anyway.
As a Mom it is so hard to see other women not love their children with the same possessive, want the absolute best for them all the time kind of love we have. ESPECIALLY when your true heart's desire is to share that love with another child. I'll pray this week that you can specifically feel God's peace where you are right now, and that you can rest in His plans for the future even when you can't see them. Love you all, Kim