Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It all began with a night in a manger

I often wonder what that night was like...Mary placing the Son of God.. in the most humble of places...the manger.

I know what delivery is like, but only with a circus of nurses and doctors and the comforts of knowing that I could get an epidural if needed. Not in a dirty, smelly stable. Nothing against Joseph...but I think we all know how helpful husbands are even under the best circumstances.

What was that night like for Mary?

Knowing that she was about to give birth to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I would be overwhelmed. She had no idea what was ahead of her little one, who would eventually pay the biggest price for our condemned lives. Giving us a way to have eternal life.
That night must have been filled with such joy...not just with the birth of her child, but knowing he was the Son of GOD.
Such joy from a loving mother would turn into such grief. How her heart must have been breaking to watch her son be ridiculed, betrayed, beaten and killed on the cross...can't imagine that "this fate" is anything that we would want for our own children. Though without his sacrifice...where would we be? We would be given what we deserve, pain suffering, DEATH. Yes, all of us...everyone...will die...our bodies will become broken or will fail and we will die. But, knowing that there is an eternal life unlike any I can image because of my KING, gives me great HOPE and PEACE...and it all began with a night in a manger.

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in.luv.with.m said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! It's amazing that you left it just when I needed that reminder. Thank you!!!
Meryy Christmas to you too!