Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday-Elijah

Happy birthday sweet are 4 years old today!! So wish I could be with you to sweetly wake you up this morning to whisper...Happy Birthday big boy. Seems like just yesterday I held you in my arms...cherishing every moment that I was allowed. Singing a special song, touching your long fingers and snuggling you and placing your head on my shoulder...
Though my heart still breaks because I miss you sssssssssssooooo much...I know that you are in loving arms... Though these last four years have gone so slow for me I know that time for you is no issue...that you do not feel the sadness or sorrow that I feel since we have been apart. You only feel an abundance of LOVE.
Not only am I your Mommy, but I am also your sister in Christ, and we will be in the FOREVER before long... I know that we both praise our Father each and everyday...just that the location is get a better view of his awesome KINGDOM.
Enjoy your day...big guy...missing you...


Kim L. said...

I have no doubt he is sitting in Grandpa's lap right now. That thought alone makes me smile. Love and prayers to you both today.


Kathy said...

Our 44th anniversary is today and we never approach it the same since we started sharing the day with Elijah. We commented on Grandpa Hall having 6 grandchildren around him in Heaven and 7 down here. He's having as much joy with children as we are. I can see him wrestling with Elijah now--in full strength. God is still good! Love and prayers today!