Thursday, December 18, 2008

He has been there...

I love the second song down below..."I have been there." But even in his short earthly life...Jesus..just like the words say...he has been there...and them some
He has felt pain(being beaten and murdered on the cross), sorrow(he even cried when Lazarus died), fear(of what was to come for him on the cross), betrayal/loneliness(by many of his disciples and the very people he came here to save), rejection( SO many). God definitely knew what he was doing when he sent his son that was of flesh to earth to be among man. It is hard to understand or imagine what God is about...he is so large and powerful, so much of the unknown, hard for me to wrap my mind around him. Which is the way it is supposed to be. We have a better understanding of Jesus because he was of flesh. He felt all the emotions that we all do. He "was" and "is" a King among his people, walking with us every step of the way. With a sacrifice of death to serve...US...that is one great and magnificent KING...I don't know any leaders or Kings that have ever done that. That is a king I want to follow ALL of my on earth and in the FOREVER. I often look back and know that many things in my life are "God things" or the acts of a "Jesus thing" at the time chalking it up to fate...but things are always too perfect and specific to my needs to say it was fate. I know that Gods can understand us more because his son walked among us...I am sure this brings many interesting conversations between the two of the...oh to be a fly on the wall(or at the right hand of...)
When ever I start to think that NO ONE can feel how I feel, or have gone through what I have...I know that is not true because HE has been there.

When ever I struggle with issues, trials and sorrow that life brings, I try to remember that Jesus has been there...God too...No matter what is going on how great or how sad, God never leaves me for a moment(even when I wasn't a believer, his patients are truly that of a loving Father)

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