Sunday, November 16, 2008

My heart of clay

I see so many people around that have such a hard heart, angry and bitter with the way life has played out, giving them a hard heart and not feeling or seeing the pain of others around them. And their hearts filled to the top with despair(sp?) and hate.
When we are children we are full of wonder and innocence. Our hearts are soft to others and we tend to feel the pain that they are feeling, as we get older, life and sin consume us and it corrodes our hearts and tends to make them hard. At least that was what it was like for corroded my heart and made it hard like stone. Once I found Christ and excepted him into my life...a tiny crack appeared, causing the rock like casing to slowly chip away. Love and peace started to fill into my heart making it soft once more.
If one has ever had a chance to work with clay it is quite tricky. Clay must stay smooth and wet to work the best, once dry it begins to crack and can no longer be molded. But the great thing about clay is that if it drys to a rock like state, it can once again be pliable if given the chance to become wet again.
Though my heart was once hardened by this life, I was given the gift of love to change my heart from stone to clay, but my tears though pain moisten my heart and made it pliable enough to be molded into what God wants my heart to look like.

Sometimes all I have to give are tears, no words, no prayer. JUST TEARS!

Tears not only for my pain, but the pain and suffering of others around me, guaranteeing that my heart will stay softened for the purposes that God sets before me.

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.-Psalm 56:8

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kdbragg said...

Ps. 56:8 is one of my favorite verses--probably because I know my bottle will be huge and overflowing. After Dad's heart surgery the doctor told Mom that Dad would be more apt to cry because once the human heart is touched it becomes more sensitive. I doubt the doctor even knew what depth was contained in that statement. I desire that my heart daily be "touched" by the Hand of God so that I will be more sensitive to Him and the needs around me. Thanks for stimulating my thoughts