Monday, November 10, 2008

The beautiful butterfly

NOTE...picture is not of a Monach butterfly, they were moving too fast. But this is one that landed on me.

I love to take pictures of sunsets, clouds, trees, flowers, children, butterflies almost anything. My favorite is to try to capture the beauty of something ordinary but in an unordinary light. I usually carry my camera with me all the time(nothing special just a regular small digital-though I prefer my old fashion 35 mm.) My husband got sick of me talking pictures of 20 trees and things and getting them developed, with the digital I could delete them-though I rarely do.
When you look through that camera everything seems more beautiful and vibrant, the colors pop and the item through the lens takes on its own identity.
I struggle taking pictures of moving things. I love to take pictures of my children, animals or butterflies. Butterflies are the fast and delicate, it is difficult to capture this awesome creature.
Ofter my son died, people would send me poems with all sorts of "beliefs" that the butterfly, lighting bug or the like, in the poem was actually the loved one who had passed being a "sign" that they were right there with me. Though this is comforting I don't believe my son came back as a lighting bug or butterfly. I do believe that God created these creatures to show us true beauty, and just for a brief moment show us "HIS" beauty.
My daughter always asks me question(of course I seldom know the answer-thank goodness for Google). She wanted to know about Monarch butterflies, so I began to search. As I read the information, I started to get tears in my eyes, I was saddened to read that this beautiful gift had such a short life. I assumed that they lived for years, but I was mistaken.
The research varies slightly and depending on the source you find,most will say that the adult butterfly only lives about 2-6 weeks.
How can something so sweet, beautiful and something that so many want to love and enjoy be taken away so quickly...aahh...yah...ok..ok...I get it, I get it. Thank you God for your grand and beautiful gifts, though brief, they are truly a small nap shot of your awesome grace and love and picture of what is to come with you for eternity. Thank you...Thank you!!
As a wise Forest Gump once said,"that's all I have to say about that"

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