Monday, September 27, 2010

Missing the Bus

It is that time of year...crisp air, digging to find one pair of jeans among the shorts...and school. The hustle and bustle of school, school supplies and the excitement of children getting back to their friends and the joy of learning new things. In my head I knew it was coming, but I kept telling myself that "no...not this are adding it up wrong". But my heart knew the truth...Elijah would be racing around the house in the morning...wolfing down breakfast, shoving stuff in his bag and racing out the door...LOUDLY...I am quite sure. We who have lost loved ones always have those "days", anniversary days of the day they left us, the day of their birth, the day that they would have been, should have....gone to school. I can say that it was not nearly as painful as I in visioned this day years ago. But...still it rocked my core a little...
Sometimes, I just sit there and dream a little dream that it is just him and I and we get to do something "normal". Playing on a swing, getting groceries, or splitting a Blizzard treat. Dreaming of just sitting and listening to him talk about his friends, how he loves to play sports, and those intimate conversations about love and GOD. In my dream he has so many questions...who made me, what does God look like...How did Noah build the Ark....quickly the dream ends and I am in reality again...knowing that in eternal life...Elijah knows all the answers to those GOD questions...he is embraced by the truth everyday. He eternally lives with the knowledge that most 5 year old don't have. Getting to praise the one true GOD-Live and in person.

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