Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another sad day at our house

Last Thursday we had to put our special, loving, devoted, and funny dog Shadow to sleep...he had lived a long, fun and happy life...but it still was so hard to make the decision to do that for him. He (we think) was about 15ish. The "we think" comes from the fact that he was a great find that we found at the animal shelter...I would love to share the story of how he came to explain how special he was to us for 12 years.
My husband wanted to get a after searching...I think that we both decided we could not spend $300+ on a papered we thought the animal shelter would be a place to get the puppy that my husband was hoping for. He was looking for a dog to train and possibly hunt with. He had gone many times to the shelter without me and finally found "the one"...a puppy. So I went one day to look at was days before a little present for us in our new we thought. As he showed me this puppy...he was cute..but I was not sold...I kept thinking this little guy will not have any trouble getting a good home...but probably not ours. As I looked down the long...aisle of cages...I spotted a black lab mix dog..not old..but not a puppy either. Just looking at him...he did not bark like the other dogs trying to get our attention. He had given could see it in his big brown eyes. I asked to take him into the visit room. As I was petting him I raised my hands to bounce a tennis ball for him to chase...and he shrunk down as if I was going to hit him...THAT WAS IT...he was going home with us. Usually they make you wait 48 hours until you can take your new member home...but for some reason they said we could take him now. As I was filling out all of the paper work and ready to of the staff pulled my hubby aside and told him that he had gotten a "note" that they were to put him down that night...that they had held onto him for longer than they were supposed to just hoping he would find a home...WOW...goosebumps...everytime I remember how he came into our many memories and fun times.
How he would smell the strawberries that were in the grocery he would do a little teenager HUFF, when he didn't get his way. Or how he would always be there the last few years as tears would stream down my face...always sensing that I needed him.
As most of you who read my blog..know that I am a "religious folk"...many have asked if I believe that my dog will be in heaven when I get there...well I don't really know. I have had a conversation with God about this a lot the last few weeks...but as I was preparing lessons for July for children's church...Noah and the Ark was the lesson for
Like I said...I don't know if animals are taken to heaven...but I know that they are a beautiful part of God's creation. And that God doesn't make mistakes...And that they were important enough when all the world was sinning so much for God to command Noah to save his family and two of every animal and thinking maybe...

Genesis 6-9:17 GOOD STUFF...
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Just a nice support for ones who have lost a pet.


Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is that there absolutely will be animals in heaven - Jesus is coming riding on a white horse and I'm quite sure God wouldn't have just one aninal in heaven with the many times He not only included animals in Scripture, but used them in mighty ways. Our thoughts are with you - it's such a hard thing to go through. Love you all,
Kim L.

Kelli said...

Hey Nichelle.... I am so sorry for the loss of Shadow. I understand how traumatizing that is and how unbelievably sad. We had to put Munch down a little over 2 years ago and there are still many days I miss her and long for her companionship. I have often wondered about pets in heaven too... I don't know. I do know that God created dogs and other house pets that have a special place in our lives and that it must make Him smile to see us receive unconditional love from one his 4-legged friends.
Again, I am so sorry that you had to go through the hard part of loving an animal.