Friday, January 16, 2009

A challenge

In my last post I talked about prayer...I would like to challenge anyone who lays their eyes upon this to...Pray. Pray for someone that is hurting, who is sick, or dying. To the family of those who died, or to anyone needing the love of God. You don't even need to know the persons name...just pray.

I though I would share with you quick about a trip I had to our local grocery store before Christmas...the guy who bags groceries and carries them to the car for you, struck up a conversation with me..and of course I started having a conversation back(which is so out of my all know that I am so shy and never am talkative..ha..) he was placing my bags in the car...he started talking about having to take care of his Dads house and that it is giving him so much trouble...there was a house fire and in order to sell it he has to fix it we talked more he went on to say that his sister left town because she didn't want to deal with it...and left it for him...just so you know this young man was just that...young. My heart started to feel for him...such big responsibilities for such a young guy. But my mind was thinking...why was his Dad not helping or a Mom. Then it came out before I could ask... no mention of his Mom...but his Dad died in that house fire. I still don't know his name...but I pray for him. God knows who you are praying for even without a name. I have seen him a couple of times since...we always talk and I try to say something comforting and ask how he is doing...and always end our conversation...I will be praying for you. Somehow whether you are a believer or not...knowing that praying for you is comforting. Many times over the last few years we had many praying for us...some of who we did not know...but OH...could we feel is some how miraculous, magical and LOVING.
So...I challenge myself and may never know the difference it will make to someone.

We are the hands of GOD...take this challenge and be HIS servant.


beth said...

You read my mind... I started to comment on your last post a few days ago & got distracted by kids. I was going to say Thanks for your prayers because they have definately been felt here!!! This is a Wonderful thought... praying for others & challenging others to pray!!

Jennifer said...

I just discovered your blog and wow I'm touched and blessed. I look forward to reading more...

I loved this post especially. So often I pray for those whom I don't even know their name and I love how you said God knows! Awesome.