Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy birthday~

I know for all of you that follow the blog...I have not written in one year...that does not mean that I am "over" the pain of loosing Elijah, but GOD has also asked me to walk down not only the path of grief and loss for my Glory babies, but also to adopt two kiddos with mental health, behavioral and special can follow me on this site also but be is not for the faint hearted.

But as this day is fully about my little guy and remembering I go.

Happy birthday precious boy!!! It is hard for me to imagine that 8 years ago I said hello and goodbye to you all in one brief, precious and bittersweet moment.  All of my memories with you are a few moments that will have to last me a lifetime.  I think of you everyday and try to not have my brain go to the should have and could have beens...and GOD gives me peace in the WHAT IS!  The WHAT get to be in the presence of our LORD...the one who was, is and will always be...WOW...the WHAT get to see things that my mind can't even imagine...since there is nothing on earth that could compare to the creation in heaven from the CREATOR.  The WHAT love is nothing in comparison to the heavenly FATHER that shows you his amazing love every moment of everyday for ETERNITY!  WOW....WOW...

I so desire to hold your sweet face and give you a tender MOMMY kiss...knowing that the last one I gave you doesn't cover the in between time til I see you again.  I hear people say "scripture" when grief happens but until your heart is broken...and you feel, taste and breath the truth of GOD's all is just words...but I have praised HIM when HE gave you to us...and I praise HIM...when you left us. 

I miss you Elijah and pray that you daily are touched by the light of the LORD..that his power and majesty warms your face and that his love overflows your heart. 
One more year closer to eternity with my LORD and you sweet you to the edge of the heavens!!!!!!!

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Sandy said...

I feel incredibly blessed to have read this.

But I feel more blessed to have you in my life :)