Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When I started my blog and was looking for the right name to entitle it..."Bring it to HIM" was the perfect choice...that is what I had been doing to survive this grief journey after loosing our son and baby "K". I was giving it ALL to pain, sorrow, anger, worry, weakness, all my sin, and all the other feelings that were in the whirlwind of pain that was consuming my heart. I placed these all at his feet and with a loving and merciful heart he took them ALL.
But since then, he is helping me mature in my faith. And I feel that Bring it to HIM has so much more meaning now. Bring him your PRAISE, so others can see who you credit for your blessings and happiness...Yes we live in a broken world...and lots of things that are terrible hold tight to him when you are suffering but don't forget to acknowledge the one who walks along side you during these trials...GOD the father...and who pulls you out of the trial by your hand...stronger and having a better understanding of his love for you...GOD the father.
So I bring LOVE, and Praise...Bring him my trust that everything from the way I look, to the destructive decisions that I have made, the sorrow that I have suffered is all part of his divine plan to refine my FAITH in HIM...he is an awesome him for pulling you out of the valley and when he places you on the mountain top...Glory be to GOD in ALL things!!!!

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Teske said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing this piece of your heart, Nichelle. What an awesome and timely reminder for me. Can't wait to hear how things went last night!!