Monday, October 12, 2009

Right or wrong

Lately I have been struggling with the rights and wrongs of the world and decisions that I make and that are made around me.

Since becoming a "believer/follower" I always try to live my life and make decisions on the word or the truth that God has written in the Bible...I often think about (I know you have all heard this before) but, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?!?
This could be the question you ask yourself when you see a homeless person or a person struggling to carry something and trying to open a you help or not.
But what do you do when life throws you a curve ball, something that is a real test of your character..."the stuff that you are made of". When you fill yourself up with what his desire, the answer is simple...follow after him and you will know the truth and the answer to your curve ball. But when fear, anger, frustration, doubt etc...fills you up...well...all craziness happens. You become someone other than who you and most importantly God wants you to be. I guess it is not the curve ball that I should be worried about, but am I being honoring to God while I am playing the game.
I think that Satan sends his workers to stir things up, sometimes I feel like he is sitting in a lounge chair eating popcorn watching my life play out like a movie for his entertainment...saying, "Watch this part...wait to you see how she handles this"...laughing and getting enjoyment out of when I fall.

"Those who seek the truth will find it and live by it...those who don't seek the truth will find no truth but their own."

I thought this saying so fit about the truths that we seek after...It is clear to me that if you are always seeking after may fail and struggle but you know that your heart is still following after him and HIS truths, but if GOD is NOT your compass that you create your own rules and make your truth the law that you live by.

I know none of this probably makes any sense. But, just something on my mind...

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beth said...

Your words spoke volumes to me tonight, I just had to comment. These are exactly the thoughts I have. As we grow in our faith & grow in our lives (becoming parents, wives, making new friends) we find ourselves facing new challenges everyday. So many times we try our own truth & justify the 'grey' areas... instead of choosing black or white. Walk by Faith... Everyday I read what my Grandmother had written on our journal cover for 2009: Be good, Do not Harm, & Be in Love with God. Such simple words, yet in this world so hard to follow... is it really? Or do we make it that way? - Love your quote! And Yes, I do think the devil is enjoying popcorn. But our goal is to shock him & turn this movie into a Hallmark movie with a Happy Ending!