Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I (with his help) did it!

All of you that know me...know that I LOVE MT. DEW!!! Or even a cheap mark off, Hillbilly Holler is my fave. But for lent I decided to refrain from my evil little crutch. I didn't realize how much I depended on it...not the caffeine just the taste. So I did it...not once did I "fall off of the wagon". And can you believe this...I still have not had one drop of Mt. Dew even after Easter. I can't even believe it myself. GOD is good and way stronger than I am...thank goodness for prayer...always listens and never fails...I started writing this email on 4/21 and still on 5/6 have not had any...I know it seems silly but to me it is a very big deal. I have not been feeling well lately so trying to change my "life style eating habits" hopefully will help. Now if I could just learn to stomach...peas...ugh..yuck!

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Jaclyn said...

Good job!!! I (in all seriousness) need to do that with chocolate.